Cynthia Frazier


Dependable, Young Adult, Carolyn Meyer, Greek Mythology, Helen Of Troy, Trojan War, Spartans, Beauty, Mother, Daughter

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Book Review


Building on ancient Greek myth, Carolyn Meyer recounts the story of King Menelaus and Queen Helen of Sparta, the most beautiful woman in the world. Hermione, their daughter, describes the pain of the desertion and abandonment of her mother, when Helen sails to Troy with her new lover, Prince Paris, and takes her other child, Pleisthenes, and all her husband’s gold with her. Hermione stows away on one of her father’s ships, not imagining that it would take ten years of horrific battles for Menelaus and his allies to reclaim Helen from Troy. Woven throughout the book are Greek gods and goddesses doing their best to help or thwart the lives of mere mortals. After the war, Hermione is not permitted to be with Orestes,the man that she loves. When she hears of his difficulties, however, she undertakes a dangerous journey to find him that will tempt the gods.