Article Title

A Death-Struck Year


Amy Miner


Significant Shortcomings, Intermediate, Makiia Lucier, Spanish Influenza, Oregon, Bravery, History

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Book Review


A Death-struck Year tells the story of Cleo Berry, a seventeen-year-old Oregon resident who finds herself in the midst of the Spanish Influenza pandemic of 1918. Based on true events, the devastation affecting hundreds of men, women, and children are experienced through Cleo’s perspective and conscious decisions to leave no one “unattended.” As a child once left behind when both of her parents were killed in a carriage accident, Cleo takes great risks to find and save those too sick to get care. Driven by the events of the influenza occurring over a four-month period, and propelled in her quest to find her own unique identity, Cleo finds courage by coming in contact with people who bravely fight to conquer illness, fiercely protect family members, and who jeopardize their own health to take care of the sick.