Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Roland Smith, Adventure, Animals, Mystery

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Book Review


Ever since Grace left with her grandfather, Noah Blackwood, Marty never felt Grace was safe. While all the adults of eWolfe are gone, Marty, Luther, and their new friend, Dylan, decide to rescue Grace and the Mokélé-mbembé hatchlings from Noah’s zoo, Seattle Ark. Meanwhile, Grace has been searching for any information exposing Blackwood. When she uncovers secret passageways in Noah’s mansion, they lead Grace to Noah’s private quarters and his secret taxidermy display of extinct animals. While there, Grace sees evidence that the boys are inside the zoo. She follows their trail and joins them in rescuing the hatchlings and three panda cubs destined for Noah’s private display. But Noah releases his genetically created creature, a Chupacabra, to hunt down the rescue party.