Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Roland Smith, Twins, Siblings, Jungle, Mystery

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Book Review


After hearing news that their parents may be lost in the Amazon, Marty and Grace O’Hara are told they will live with their uncle, Travis Wolfe. Wolfe is a cryptozoologist, someone who studies legendary creatures to prove their existence. After Marty and Grace join him, Wolfe sees evidence of a Mokélé-mbembé—a small dinosaur—living in the Congo. But spies warn Dr. Noah Blackwood, a supposed wildlife expert, about Wolfe’s trip, and he hires men to steal both the Mokélé-mbembé evidence and Grace. As Wolfe’s expedition heads to Africa, Marty and Grace are accidentally dropped into the Congo. With only a small device to guide them, Marty and Grace work together to find shelter, answers to Grace’s past, and Mokélé-mbembé eggs, all while trying to dodge Noah’s henchmen.