Article Title

Becoming Jinn



Significant Shortcomings, Young Adult, Lori Goldstein, Jinn, Genie, Friendship, Rebellion, Dating, Death

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Book Review


Azra knows that when she turns sixteen she will be able to use her Jinn powers. However, since her best friend died when they were younger and magic couldn’t save her, Azra doesn’t want to be a Jinn. She doesn’t get along with the sisterhood of Jinn her age, and granting wishes is more complicated than she had expected. As she gets used to her magic, she starts to learn about the secrets of the powerful Afrit, the Jinn ruling class, and that her magic is different and more dangerous than the magic of her Jinn sisters. She has to learn how to grant wishes, keep the secrets of her magic powers, work at her first job, and decide between the boy next door and the lifeguard. Most of all, she has to learn that there is always a trick to the Jinn powers and living her life the way she wants to will put the people she cares about in danger.