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Amanda Shrum


Outstanding, Young Adult, Courtney Alameda, Horror

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Book Review


Micheline Helsing, the descendant of Professor Van Helsing, has been trained since infancy to fight against the forces of evil with a camera as her only weapon. After a disastrous encounter with a particularly malevolent entity, Micheline and her ghost-fighting comrades are stricken with a life threatening sickness that will have them dead within a week. In order to save herself, her friends, and to prove herself to her distant, controlling father, Micheline tracks down the ghost only to find out it has a personal vendetta against her. Micheline is forced to face grotesque monsters, violent Ouija boards, and seductive vampires as well as her own traumatic memories before being sucked into a horrifying purgatory where she defeats the entity and saves her friends and her relationship with her father.