Tessa McMillan


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Roland Smith, Adventure, Animals, Jungle

Document Type

Book Review


After Grace and the dinosaur hatchlings are rescued from Noah Blackwood, Wolfe and Ted take Marty, Grace, Luther, and Dylan to Brazil to aid in the search for Marty’s missing parents. The tweens and the two adults split into two traveling parities as they head towards Dr. Lansa’s jaguar preserve. Before and after the two groups arrive, several members of the preserve disappear into the rainforest with no trace. Finally only Marty, Grace, Dylan, and the hatchlings are left behind. But the hatchlings, who imprinted on Luther, follow Luther’s trail with Marty, Grace, and Dylan close behind. Together, they find where everyone is being imprisoned: a secret genetics compound run by Noah. The tweens help everyone escape, including Marty’s parents.