Article Title

Marilyn's Monster


Kiersten Carr


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Michelle Knudsen, Matt Phelan, Monsters, Friendship, Patience, Picture Book

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Book Review


All the kids in Marilyn's class are getting monsters. She wants one too, but your monster has to find you. That's just the way it works. Marilyn tries everything to get her monster. She pretends not to look for her monster at the playground. She loiters around the library. She tries to seem pretty and friendly and nice and fun so that her monster will want to be around her. But her monster doesn't come. As time passes and everyone else gets their monsters, Marilyn starts to lose hope. Maybe she just needs to go and find her monster herself, even if that’s not the way it works. So she puts on her good walking shoes, packs a lunch, and sets off, only to discover that her monster has been stuck in a tree this whole time, hoping that she would come find him.