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Little Elliot Big City


Aylea Stephens


Outstanding, Toddler, Preschool, Mike Curato, Unnoticed, Cupcakes, Friendship, Picture Book, City, Elephants

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Book Review


Little Elliot is different from all of the other elephants. For one thing, he is white with pastel polka dots. For another, he’s only a few feet tall. He lives in a big city, but sometimes it’s hard living in such a big place when he is so small. Getting around can be difficult without getting stepped on, and he has to make adjustments at home to be able to reach things. Elliot loves cupcakes more than anything, but when he goes to buy one, he’s too small to be noticed. This makes Elliot sad, but he discovers that he can help someone even though he is small. Friendship makes him feel just as big as he needs to be.