Whitney Troxel


Outstanding, Young Adult, Cynthia Hand, Death, Suicide, Grief, Healing, High School

Document Type

Book Review


Lex used to be happy. But that was before her brother, Tyler, killed himself. Now Lex just feels empty and isn’t sure she can ever be happy again. Therapy doesn’t seem to be helping, her mother is not coping well, and while her friends want to be there for her they just don’t understand. Ty sent her a text the night he died and if she had responded, Lex feels she could have saved him. She can’t help all the “maybes” and “what ifs” that run through her mind. No matter how hard Lex tries to pull her life back together it keeps unraveling. As Lex learns more about Ty’s death, and the events leading to it, she slowly begins to forgive herself and those around her until she’s finally able to say goodbye to her brother.