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Inuk and the Sun


Rebeca Wallin


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Henry Beissel, Inuit Mythology, Winter, Northern Climates, Weather, Puppetry, Masked Theater, Children's Theater, Theater For Young Audiences

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Play Review


Based on characters from Inuit mythology, this original story follows a young boy named Inuk as he journeys to save his people and become a man. Inuk is the Inuit word for “human being” and the plot echoes the universal experience of growing up and coming to terms with life and death. Inuk and his father set off to hunt during the cold winter season. The family and tribe are starving and Inuk is convinced that he must capture the sun and bring it back in order for all to survive. In pursuit of food and the sun, Inuk’s father is killed by a polar bear which is then killed by Inuk. Inuk grows more desperate to find the sun and is convinced that this will bring back his father as well. He is helped on his quest by several spirits including the wind, moon, and sea. When he at last finds the spirit of the sun he has truly achieved manhood and is able to accept his father’s death.