Article Title

I, Malvolio


Rebeca Wallin


Excellent, Young Adult, Tim Crouch, Shakespeare, Twelfth Night, One-Man-Show, Revenge, Theater For Young Audiences

Document Type

Play Review


In this riff on one of Shakespeare’s famous secondary characters, we find Malvolio from Twelfth Night immediately after the events of the play. Having been cruelly used in a practical joke, he relives in memory the events of the play from his perspective and then tries to recover from the horrible situation he was placed in. His primary coping technique being revenge, he plots it on everyone including the audience in the theater. The one-man show relies heavily on audience interaction; Malvolio goes as far as ordering audience members around and bringing them up on stage. Familiarity with Twelfth Nightwill make viewing this show a more rewarding experience.