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The Darkest Minds



Outstanding, Young Adult, Alexandra Bracken, Psychic Ability, Prisoners, Interpersonal Relations, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Dystopian World

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Book Review


This dystopian novel begins as a disease sweeps across America, killing most children but having a much different effect on those who survive: the development of supernatural abilities. Ruby is a young girl who manifests these abilities and soon finds herself in one of the government’s many “rehabilitation camps” called Thurmond, where she spends the next several years as a prisoner with other teens who are similar to her (labeled “Psi”). Eventually she escapes with the help of the Children’s League, an anti-government program, but quickly escapes from them as well upon realizing that their intentions not entirely trustworthy. She soon finds her way into the company of Liam, Chubs, and Zu, three other Psi teens, and they travel together, constantly in danger of being killed or captured. They search for and find a place called East River, a refuge for Psi children, but soon even this place becomes unreliable, and Ruby and her friends end up in the hands of the Children’s League once more.