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Book Scavenger



Excellent, Intermediate, Jennifer Chambliss Bertman, Books, Puzzles, San Francisco, Friendship, Moving, Adventure

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Book Review


Emily has moved every year for most of her life, but this time moving might not be so bad. She is going to San Francisco where her hero, Garrison Griswold, lives and creates puzzles based on books. Emily spends most of her time playing Book Scavenger where she finds books by solving puzzles. When she learns that Griswold was attacked and no one knows what his plans were for his newest game, she feels convinced that the odd book she found in the BART station where he was attacked is part of the new game. Emily and her new friend James work at solving the puzzles while having to avoid Griswold’s attackers. Along the way, they learn about some important literary stories and landmarks in San Francisco, make new friends, and create their own puzzles and ciphers.