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MILA 2.0 #2: Renegade



Dependable, Young Adult, Debra Driza, Science Fiction, Action, Suspense, Teen Romance, Artificial Intelligence, Identity, Science

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Book Review


After the murder of her mother, the girl android Mila follows a lead with the hope of discovering who she really is. She is joined by Hunter, the boy she met in her hometown just weeks earlier, and together they travel around the eastern U.S. searching for answers. Because of her own insecurities and the desire to protect Hunter, Mila struggles to be honest with him, and this causes rifts in their relationship as Hunter slowly realizes that Mila and her life are far from ordinary. After making their way from one lead to another, all the while running from the police and government agents, they finally find the man responsible for creating Mila, and Mila learns that she is actually more human than she thought. This man, however, soon turns her and Hunter over to the Vita Obscura, the anti-government group that has been tracking Mila down from the start. Despite having heard frightening things about this organization, Mila quickly finds that it is full of kind, quirky people with a seemingly noble cause. But Quinn, the woman in charge, has her own agenda to turn Mila into an emotionless weapon to seek revenge on Holland.