Dependable, Intermediate, Meg Cabot, Princess, Princess Diaries, Long-Lost Relatives, Bullies, Family

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Meg Cabot is back in the Princess Diaries world with a new series about Princess Mia’s long-lost sister. Olivia is average in every way except that she lives with her aunt and her husband and his two kids after her mother died. When her classmate Annabelle threatens to give Olivia a beat-down after school, Olivia is saved when a limousine pulls up and Princess Mia comes out of it to tell Olivia that they are sisters. They go to New York to meet her dad and Grandmere, but her aunt and uncle don’t want her to go to Genovia with Mia and the others. Olivia has to adjust to being a princess and learns to appreciate the love of her new family.