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Nuts In Space



Dependable, Primary, Elys Dolan, Space, Nuts, Star Wars, Star Trek, Moose, Owl, Badger, Beaver, Monkey, Picture Book

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Commander Moose and his crew have searched the galaxy for the Lost Nuts of Legend. This magic snack will make whoever possesses it immortal, invincible, and never have a bedtime... as long as the nuts are not eaten. Now that they have found the nuts and have run out of food, it is time for them to go home. Unfortunately, the Star Nav stops working and the lost crew has to ask directions at a café, avoid getting eaten by the unbearably cute creatures of the forest planet, and escape after they make the wrong decision to ask for directions at the Death Banana. In the end, the hunger and waiting is too much for one crew member and they have to continue searching for their goal.