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MILA 2.0



Dependable, Young Adult, Debra Driza, Science Fiction, Action, Suspense, Teen Romance, Artificial Intelligence, Identity, Science

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MILA 2.0 begins as a story of a seemingly typical 16-year-old girl named Mila. She struggles with the recent death of her father, deals with high school drama, and quickly falls for a new boy in town named Hunter. However, she soon discovers that she is actually a recently-created robot designed by the government for espionage purposes, and her “mom” is actually one of her designers who broke her out of the government facility because she recognized the uniquely human qualities in Mila. While trying to escape together to a foreign county, Mila and her mom outrun one group of enemies but are captured by another group: the top-secret department that engineered Mila, headed by the sadistic General Holland. After being transferred to a government laboratory in Washington, D.C., General Holland forces Mila to undergo a series of tests to determine if he will let her and her mother live. She competes with her new-and-improved, emotionless MILA counterpart, but uses her humanity-driven ingenuity to come out ahead. With the help of a sympathetic lab worker named Lucas, Mila and her mother escape from the facility, but Mila’s mother is fatally wounded, leaving Mila with only a single hint to lead her on a journey of discovering who she really is.