Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Kerstin Gier, Dreams, Moving, Demons, London, Horror Stories, Fantasy, Translations From German, The Silver Trilogy

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Liv has spent most of her fifteen years moving, and it’s her fervent hope that a move to London will give her an ideal home. When she steps off the plane, her plans are dashed when she finds that her mother has met a man and Liv and her sister will be welcoming a new stepbrother and sister. Things get even weirder when Liv meets her new stepbrother and his buddies in a dream doing a dark ritual in a graveyard. Soon the lines between her real and dream worlds start to mesh as Liv finds out the boys have made a pact with a demon. Since Liv is the one who can help them out of their sticky situation, she must figure out who to trust while unraveling the mysteries in her dreams.