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Circus Mirandus



Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Cassie Beasley, Circus, Death, Magic, Miracles, Grandfathers

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When Micah’s grandfather gets sick, he writes a letter asking for a miracle that he had been promised when he was a little boy. Grandpa Ephraim always told Micah stories about the magical Circus Mirandus and how the Lightbender offered him a miracle. When it appears that Grandpa Ephraim might not live for much longer, Micah decides to seek out the circus himself to make sure that Grandpa Ephraim gets his miracle. With his doubting friend, Jenny, he finds the Lightbender and asks for the miracle that he wants: Grandpa Ephraim’s recover. Grandpa Ephraim had something else in mind, however. He knows he is dying. His miracle request is that Micah will have a happy life even after he dies.