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Silver in the Blood



Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Jessica Day George, Silver In The Blood Trilogy, Romania, Shapeshifting, Supernatural, Cousins, 19th Century, Vampires, Fantasy

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In 1890, cousins Dacia and Lou are darlings of New York society, but their world changes on a trip to Romania. Meeting their mother’s estranged relatives the girls uncover long held secrets about their families’ supernatural abilities. At the center of a prophecy that connects their family to the Dracula’s, the girls expose a plot designed to unseat the king and place their families on the throne. With little knowledge of the history that binds them, the girls must learn whom they can trust as they come to terms with their newly discovered powers. Supported by unexpected allies both inside and outside of the family the girls find it is up to them to save the country from ruin.