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In “The Klimpaloon Ultimatum”, Phineas and Ferb have to help the band Love Händel compete in the 24 Hour Danville Music Awards by finding Klimpaloon (a magical vintage bathing suit that lives in the Himalayas) because they cannot perform their song about him if Klimpaloon is not real. Phineas, Ferb, and their friends go to the Himalayas to find Klimpaloon and bring him to the award show, but first they will have to rescue him from someone who wants to use him for business purposes. Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz wants to turn his brother Roger into a warthog because at one point in Danville history, a warthog was elected as mayor and showed so much nepotism that it became part of the town charter that a warthog was never allowed to be mayor again. Perry is accidentally turned into a warthog and is recruited to play tambourine as part of the Swine Flute band, playing with them instead of thwarting Doofenshmirtz.

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