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BYU Studies Quarterly

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Rod Tip Up!


Clark S. Monson


fishing, Provo River


The figure of a well-known and beloved fisherman is missing from the Provo River. When I turn off U.S. Highway 189 in Provo Canyon, Utah, and cross the bridge to enter Vivian Park, I look upstream and downstream for him, but he isn’t there. A few feet past the bridge, I cross a familiar double bump in the road—the tracks of the Heber Valley Railroad—but no person I might see walking along the weathered railroad ties walks with a stride I recognize. Sometimes I see numerous fishermen on the river, but they’re outfitted in modern gear—GORE-TEX waders, rubber mesh nets, canvas creels, and Cabela’s caps. They don’t have the vintage rubber waders, nylon net, wicker creel, and long-billed cap of the fisherman I’m looking for. Nor do they catch as many fish.