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John W. Welch


Mormon studies


With the publication of this issue of BYU Studies Quarterly, I find myself looking back to the end of 1991, when Macmillan’s Encyclopedia of Mormonism was released, exactly twenty-five years ago. That monumental publication, to which over 750 authors contributed articles on more than 1,200 subjects, is still maintained by BYU Studies and is available online at eom.byu.edu. While some of its articles are obviously out of date (such as the entries on the Church in Africa or Temples, where the Church has seen dramatic growth in recent decades), much of the Encyclopedia of Mormonism is still an excellent place to look for initial articles on the doctrine, scriptures, biographies, history, organization, and culture of the Church. In many ways, the breadth of coverage and precision of details in the Encyclopedia of Mormonism are echoed in the ongoing publication of articles in BYU Studies Quarterly that have steadily supplemented, updated, and added to the encyclopedia.