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John W. Welch


Mormon studies


I am excited about possibilities. Hamlet's line "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy" (Hamlet 1.5.167-68) invites us to look for answers: What more is there? How do we find it? Probing the possibilities keeps our minds open to helpful prospects. If you thrive on such enrichments, I'm confident that you will enjoy the ideas presented in this issue of BYU Studies Quarterly. Let me point out just a few.

The illuminating article by David Grandy about the latest scientific understandings of the behavior of light offers insightful analogical realizations about the characteristics of the light of Christ. This article is worth the price of this journal. It offers a spectrum of surprising possibilities in approaching the phenomena of light, ultimately shedding new light on D&C 88:6-7. Grandy speaks of the "elemental graciousness whereby vision is accomplished" as "light drops out of sight to give us sight" (30). He adds that light, like the horizon, is "at the interface of two worlds," the infinite and the finite (33). In the workings of such thoughts, many perplexities dissolve into a "larger pattern of possibility," like the sunrise and sunset anticipating "multiple yet-to-be realized possibilities" while capturing "all realized possibilities" simultaneously (34, 35).