BYU Studies Quarterly

BYU Studies Quarterly


Jo Ann H. Seely


Mormon studies, Masada, wine, ancient Palestine


Blessed art Thou, O Lord, our God, King of the Universe

who created sweet wine, good must from grapevines,

that is pleasing to a person and good for man,

that gladdens the heart and makes the face shine.

It is consolation to mourners, and those of bitter spirit forget their misery.

It is medicine to all who drink it. (to him who drinks it sensibly).

It is heart's joy, gladness, and great delight to its drinkers.

He, our God, created it of old for pleasure,

among the works established from the beginning,

so that all who drink it shall bless god,

and praise the Author of understanding,

who prepared the delicacies of the world,

and formed the sweet things of the earth.