Brigham Young University Science Bulletin, Biological Series


Miridae, Insects–Classification, Insects–Nevada, Insects–West (U.S.)


Approximately 5,000 specimens of plant bugs were collected at the Nevada Test Site between 1959 and 1965. Greatest emphasis was given to collecting from June 10–24, 1965, when the desert areas at the test site were unusually profuse with blooming vegetation. A total of 160 species representing 50 genera was taken at the test site. Of these, 7 genera and 96 species are new to science.

Comparative data for these and additional species from other parts of western North America are also included. These represent an additional 449 species, of which 5 genera and 148 species are new to science. Altogether, 612 species of 122 genera are included in taxonomic keys to the subfamilies, genera, and species of western North America, including a total of 245 new species.

Distribution data are provided for each species, and host plant relationships are designated when known.