Brigham Young University Science Bulletin, Biological Series


Streblidae, Insects–Classification, Insects–Venezuela


This study was based on more than 36,000 Venezuelan Streblidae representing ca. 115 species and species complexes in 22 genera, taken from more than 6,800 hats of 95 species. Two new genera are proposed and 45 new species are described. The morphology is briefly discussed and terminology is revised. Collection data are given for each species, together with discussions on variability and host relationships when pertinent. Keys to genera and species arc included, as well as illustrations of most species. Noctiliostrebla dubia (Rudow) and the male of Parastrebla handleyi Wenzel are characterized, and relationships of Speiseria are discussed. New Taxa–Anastrebla caudiferae n. sp., Anastrebla spurrelli n. sp.; Aspidoptera falcata n. sp.; Exastinion deceptivum n. sp., Exastinion octilatum n. sp.; Neotrichobius bisetosus n. sp., Neotrichobius ectophyllae n. sp.; Nycterophilia mormoopsis n. sp.; Paradyschiria curvata n. sp.; Paraeuctenodes similis n. sp.; Phalcophila. new genus (type species: Phalcophila puliciformis n. sp. ); Pseudostrebla sparsisetis n. sp.; Speiseria magnioculus n. sp., Speiseria peytoni n. sp.; Strebla asternalis n. sp., Strebla chrotopteri n. sp., Strebla cormurae n. sp., Strebla curvata n. sp., Strebla harderi n. sp., Strebla matsoni n. sp., Strebla obtusa n. sp., Strebla paramirabilis n. sp., Strebla proxima n. .sp.; Trichobius affinis n. sp., Trichobius angulatus n. sp., Trichobius assimilis n. sp., Trichobius bilobus n. sp., Trichobius diaemi n. sp., Trichobius ethophallus n. sp., Trichobius flagellatus n. sp., Trichobius handleyi n. .sp., Trichobius hispidus n. sp., Trichobius imitator n. sp., Trichobius jubatus n. sp., Trichobius leionotus n. sp., Trichobius longipilis n. sp., Trichobius parasparsus n. sp., Trichobius persimilis n. sp., Trichobius petersoni n. sp., Trichobius propinquus n. sp., Trichobius silvicolae n. sp., Trichobius strictisternus n. sp., Trichobius tiptoni n. sp., Trichobius tuttlei n. sp.; Xenotrichobius, new genus (type species: Xenotrichobius noctilionis n. sp. ). New Synonymy–Aspidoptera busckii Coquillett, 1899, a syn of Aspidoptera phyllostomatis (Perty [Lipoptena], 1833); Noctiliostrebla megastigma (Speiser [Lepopteryx], 1900) a syn. of Noctiliostrebla dubia (Rudow [Lipoptena], 1871); Strebla carolliae Wenzel, 1966, a syn. of Euctenodes guajiro Garcia and Casal, 1965; Euctenodes guarani Garcia and Casal, 1965, a syn. of Strebla mirabilis (Waterhouse [Euctenodes], 1879); Euctenodes tupi Garcia and Casal, 1965, a syn. of Strebla wiedemannii Kolenati, 1856. Removed from Synonymy–Neotrichobius stenopterus Wenzel, 1966, a valid species, not a syn. of Neotrichobius delicatus (Machado-Allison [Pterellipsis], 1966). New Combination–Strebla guajiro (Garcia and Casal [Euctenodes], 1965).