Brigham Young University Science Bulletin, Biological Series


This paper presents the results of a systematic study of mites of the genus Hirstionyssus Fonseca collected from mammals, primarily in Venezuela, but including one collection each from Colombia, Nicaragua, and British Honduras. Previously described species from Panamá and Brazil are reviewed and new distributional records are listed. The known Neotropical fauna of Hirstionyssus mites includes 15 species, 7 of which are described here as new: H. proctolatus n. sp.; H. brachysternum n. sp.; H. dorsolatus n. sp.; H. rhipidomys n. sp.; H, venezuelensis n. sp.; H. brevicalcar n. sp.; and H. parvisoma n. sp. The previously unknown male and deutonymph of H. keenani Strandtmann and Yunker are described, and new collection records are given for H. heteromydis Strandtmann and Yunker, H. keenani Strandtmann and Yunker, H. butantanensis Fonseca, and H. galindoi Strandtmann and Yunker. A key for identification of females and males of Neotropical Hirstionyssus is given and 9 species are illustrated. Collection data are provided for each species and, where pertinent, discussions of morphological characters and variability are provided.