Brigham Young University Science Bulletin, Biological Series


The results of an extensive survey of spinturnicid mites of bats from Venezuela are presented in this paper. Approximately 30,000 bats were collected from a wide variety of life zones and localities. A representative sample was searched for ectoparasites. There are 3 genera of the family Spinturnicidae in Venezuela: Cameronieta, Periglischrus, and Spinturnix. Three previously described species of Cameronieta were found in the Venezuelan collection. Of the 7 species of Spinturnix previously described from the New World, 4 are reported from Venezuela. The genus Periglischrus constitutes by far the most significant segment of the Venezuelan collection. It is represented by 20 species. Of these, 15 were previously described and reported from Venezuela, and 5 are described here as new. Previously unknown males and immatures of several species are described. Keys on both generic and specific levels are included. Discussions of distinguishing morphological characters and variability, where pertinent, as well as collection data and discussions of host-parasite relationships are given for each species. Complete illustrations of 7 species are provided.