Brigham Young University Science Bulletin, Biological Series


Neotropical representatives of the subfamily Leeuwenhoekinae are reviewed. The genus Odontacarus comprises 66 percent of the chiggers examined, and 82 percent of this genus were identified as O. tubercularis (Brennan). The following genera are redescribed: Albeckia Veracammen-Grandjean and Watkins, Leeuwenhoekia Oudemans, Odontacarus Ewing, Sasacarus Brennan and Jones, Wagenaaria Brennan, and Whartonia Ewing. New taxa are: Odontacarus comosus comosus, O. c. novemsetus, O. dienteslargus, O. pugnosus, O. schoenesetosus, O. sunnianae, O. tiptoni, O. tuberculohirsutus, O. vanderhammeni, O. vergrandi, Sasacarus furmani panamensis, and Whartonia angulascuta. Odontacarus fieldi Brennan and Jones, 1961, and O. cayolargoensis Brennan, 1959, are synonymized under O. tubercularis Brennan, 1952. Keys to genera and species are provided.