Brigham Young University Science Bulletin, Biological Series


Chloris (Plant), Grasses–Identification


This study is a worldwide taxonomic treatment utilizing endomorphic characters such as cytology, histology, and embryology, in addition to the traditional exomorphic features. New chromosome numbers and histological information are reported. Relationships between Chloris and other genera in the Chlorideae are discussed. A total of 56 species is recognized in the genus; each is described and illustrated. Complete synonymies are included as well as a list of unidentified or rejected names. Distributions and maps are given for each species, along with lists of specimens examined during studies at various herbaria. Reports of field studies involving introgression among certain species are also included. A new species, Chloris burmensis, is described from Burma, and a new combination, Chloris canterai Arech. var. grandiflora ( Rosengurtt & Izaguirre de Artucio ) Anderson, is also proposed.