Brigham Young University Science Bulletin, Biological Series

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Fleas of Venezuela


Fleas–Venezuela, Fleas–Classification


Forty-three species of fleas were collected in Venezuela by personnel of the Smithsonian Venezuelan Project. Currently there are fifty-two species of fleas known from Venezuela. Four new taxa are described: Hormopsylla cryptica, Ctenidiosomus perplexus, Adoratopsylla antiquorum rara and Adoratopsylla antiquorum recta. The females of Adoratopsylla antiquorum discreta Jordan and Rothschildopsylla noctilionis (Costa Lima) are described. The families Stephanocircidae (Cleopsylla, Craneopsylla, Plocopsylla, Sphinctopsylla) and Pygiopsyllidae (Ctenidiosomus) are reported from Venezuela for the first time. Two male specimens of the genus Orchopeas constitute the first record of this genus in South America and records of species of the genus Pleochaetis are the first reported for Venezuela. Illustrations are provided to facilitate identification of Venezuelan fleas.