Brigham Young University Science Bulletin, Biological Series


Forty-nine species in 2 families and 10 genera are recorded for Venezuela. A key to the species of Amblyomma in the Western Hemisphere is given. Host and locality records are provided for each species. No new species are reported but the following 17 species are new for the fauna of Venezuela: Autricola silvai Cerný, 1967, Ornithodoros boliviensisO. brodyi Matheson, 1935, O. puertoricensis Fox, 1947, O. rossi Kohls, Sonenshine and Clifford, 1965, O. stageri Cooley and Kohls, 1941, O. yumatensis Cooley and Kohls, 1941, O. marinkellei Kohls and Clifford, 1969, O. viguerasi Cooley and Kohls, 1941, Amhblyomma extraoculatum Neumann, 1899, A. incisum Neumann, 1906, A. naponense (Packard, 1869), A. oblongoguttatum Koch, 1844, A. pacae Aragão, 1911, A. scalpturatum Neumann, 1906, A. tigrinum Koch, 1844, Ixodes auritulus group.