Brigham Young University Science Bulletin, Biological Series


Laelapidae, Arachnida–Venezuela


This publication presents the results of an extensive survey of symbiotic laelapid mites of vertebrates from Venezuela. Over 40,000 vertebrates were examined from a wide variety of life zones and localities. The laelapid fauna represented includes 1 new genus, Hymenolaelpas, and 7 genera previously described: Laelaps, Mysolaelaps, Tur, Steptolaelaps, Neoparalaelaps, Gigantolaelaps, and Androlaelaps. The genera are represented by 51 species and subspecies, of which 8 are described as new. Previously unknown males and immatures of several species are described. Gigantolaelaps versteegi ( Oudemans ) is redescribed from type material; G. wolffsohni (Oudemans) is redescribed from Oudemans’ original material; G. peruviana (Ewing) is redescribed from cotypes. Keys to identification of genera and species are given. Collection data are given for each species together with discussions of morphological characteristics and variability where pertinent. Illustrations of 30 species are provided.