Brigham Young University Science Bulletin, Biological Series


National Reactor Testing Station, Idaho (U.S.), Mites–Idaho, Lice


Mites of 47 species and lice of 16 species were taken from reptiles of 3 species, birds of 23 species, and mammals of 18 species at the National Reactor Testing Station between June, 1966, and September, 1967. Mammals differed in degree of infestation relative to their geographic distribution at the station. The number of species of ectoparasites which occurred on a particular kind of host generally was in direct proportion to the number of hosts examined, but exceptions occurred in some instances. In some cases the rate of infestation differed relative to the sex of the host. The greatest numbers of species of mites and lice were found during July and August, fewest species of mites from December through February, and fewest kinds of lice during December and January. Host preferences for mites of some species were evident during their reproductive and nonreproductive periods. Consortism among the ectoparasites differed in degree by species. Except for mites of seven species and lice of two species, the geographic distribution of the ectoparasites was in direct proportion to the distribution of the host on which they were commonly found. Mammals of two species differed in their frequency of infestation with ectoparasites in an irradiated area when compared to an ecologically similar nonirradiated control area. Ten new host records for mites and six for lice were established.