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Crime and Family Law



Introduction, Crime Law, Family Law, Prelaw Seminar


In the Prelaw Seminar (Student Development 11988) taught by the prelaw advisor at BYU, students have the opportunity to study a variety of specialties in law. This one-credit course is designed as a six-semester academic-vocational count that coven the Supreme Court and the legal issues of Constitutional, Environmental, International, Criminal, and Family Law. During the tint-block (8 week) course, speakers whose professional experiences correspond to the semester's topic present their insights before the class. This vocational insight is augmented by the use of a "Nutshell" ten which constitutes the academic portion of the count and is the only · part which is tested on at the end of the course. Each semester students m required to write a scholarly paper dealing with some pertinent we or issue relating to the topic area.

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