Brigham Young University Prelaw Review


Kim Cluff


nationalization, Milton Bunker Hunt, international law


The nationalization of foreign-owned companies is a controversial issue that has created considerable tension within the international arena. As a result, international law has had to expand in order to aptly deal with cases involving expropriation. While all countries do not agree on how to settle such questions, international laws have been established that decisively defend various taking actions. The Bunker Hunt Case is a good illustration of how these laws can be applied. This case involves the nationalization of Milton Bunker Hunt's rights to oil interests in Libya. According to the Libyan government, this taking was both legal and justified within the realms of international and domestic law. To fully understand why the nationalization of the Bunker Hunt oil interests was both warranted and lawful, though, the concept of sovereignty and the international laws concerning expropriations must be understood.

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