Brigham Young University Prelaw Review


Steve Davis


Libyan Law, Milton Bunker Hunt, oil concession


The legality of the Libyan law, issued on June 11, 1973, which authorized the taking of Milton Bunker Hunt Interests, has been highly debated in international business spheres for some time. The taking of foreign investment property is defined as the seizure of the assets of a foreign-owned company and nationalization of that company. In 1973, the operation of Milton Hunt lnterests1 facilities which extract petroleum and natural gas on Libyan territory was transferred to the Libyan government, or nationalized. The shock of this sudden takeover has brought up many questions as to whether or not such a 11discriminatory nationalization11 can be justified in the international market (Folsom, Gordon, and Spanogle 1992, 418). However, despite the claims of many that Libya acted unlawfully in seizing the rights to oil concession No. 65, it can be made clear that no breach of international law was made, and therefore, the taking was legitimate.

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