Brigham Young University Prelaw Review


Milton Bunker Hunt, Libyan Law, international law


Conflicts steadily rise as multinational enterprises become more widespread throughout the world. As companies expand from their homelands into foreign lands, which do not always have the same economic systems, new laws create greater risks and various conflicts. The lack of clear international law only heightens the conflicts and opinions of those involved. Such is the case of a United States citizen, Milton Bunker Hunt, who owned and operated oil fields located in Libya. The real issue of this case is whether or not Libya was justified in this taking, and this can only be judged by the laws in force at that time. After we examine these specific laws we will find that in 1973, Libya upheld its domestic law in 1973, chasing to nationalize the rights of the Hunt oil fields. In other words, Libya1s laws provide a clear justification for this particular nationalization.

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