Brigham Young University Prelaw Review


mandatory arbitration, employment law, Federal Arbitration Act, National Labor Relations Act, class action


Christopher Steele and Brendan Leveron were employees at a private

maintenance company named Pinnacle. Both Steele and Leveron

reported that Pinnacle allegedly forced them to work overtime without

just compensation—an allegation that, if proven valid, would

violate the Fair Labor Standards Act and California state law. They

also claimed that Pinnacle was guilty of unfair business practices,

retaliation and whistleblowing violations, and a failure to account.

Soon after Steele and Leveron filed these allegations, they discovered

that their predicament was not unique across the firm. In 2012,

they decided to represent their fellow employees in a class-action suit

which so that they could share the costs of hiring a lawyer, paying

court fees, and gathering evidence.