Brigham Young University Prelaw Review


Mandatory Minimum Sentences, Judiciary Discretion, Prison Reform, Drug Abuse, First-Step Act 2019, Anti-Drug Act of 1986, The Fair Sentencing Act, The Sentencing Reform Act, Comprehensive Crime Control Act 1984, Prison Housing, United States Sentencing Commission, Sentencing Guidelines, Len Bias


Ron Miller had been a general manager of a company for twentyfour

years with no criminal record when his best friend asked

him to allow a shipment of drugs to be delivered to his company’s

address. Ron reluctantly agreed to help his friend, who was desperate

for money. Before the drugs arrived, Ron backed out and asked

his friend not to send the drugs, but by that point the shipment had

already been made. The police tracked the shipment to Ron and

arrested him. Even though Ron never knew the type nor the quantity

of drug that was delivered to his company, the judge of Ron’s

trial was required to base Ron’s sentence on mandatory minimum

sentencing laws.