Brigham Young University Prelaw Review


NAI; Norwegian Airline International; Norwegian Air Shuttle; Open Skies Agreement; OSA; Article 17; permit revoke; violation; labor violations; foreign air carrier permit; US Dep't of Transportation; denial of exemption; EU; European Community


Outsourcing labor has become an increasing concern in the United States as unemployment rates have been volatile for the past ten years. Because of this, the US and the EU created the Open Skies Agreement, with the hope of increasing the amount of jobs in the airline industry by putting a ban on outsourcing cheap labor. However, this agreement now has the potential to be undermined by the US Department of Transportation's decision to allow Norwegian Airline International (NAI) to reap the benefits of this agreement, while simultaneously breaking the outlined code of conduct regarding labor. The US Dep't of Transportation should revoke NAI's permit to fly in the United States until they are consistent with the standards set forth in the Open Skies Agreement.