Brigham Young University Prelaw Review


system of government, Business, court, international law


In our system of government, the laws are made by the legislative power, enforced by the executive power, and interpreted by the judicial power. The judicial power is not oft influenced by politics, corporate pressures or the media. Their's is the basis of the Constitution and amendments. In the exercise of their power they take into consideration not only who is right, but what is right. The Federal Court of Appeal has been over-loaded with court cases. Common to the Court are appeals that have to do with international law. Cases about fabrics, computers, calculator, dolls, toys, and even doll wigs. Although these cases seem unrelated from the outside, they have a great impact on international trade. What is it that the Federal Court of Appeal is listening to, and how do their judgements effect the international trade atmosphere? These judgments set the trend and basis for future actions of the court. Are these judgements more of a control that the government wants to execute on private industry to benefit the home economy? Or is it a delusion of the few men and women that sit upon the leather seats of the courts.

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