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law, Mudville, Landmine Company


Landmine Company owns some land near a national forest amid the Rocky Mountains. The company does a lot of logging, mining and resource refinement in a factory on that land. They also mine and log on the national forest land, for the Department of the Interior (DOI) granted them special mining and logging permits. Naturally, their operations create a considerable amount of pollution and inconvenience to the general area, which includes the National Forest and, Mudville, a fairly large town bordering the forest for which the company provides several hundred jobs and a large slice of the tax base. Founded in 1925, the company by far predates the town, and most residents have only moved to the area since 1960. Increasingly, however, the area is becoming a popular resort spot for Eastern tourists, who enjoy hiking, hunting and fishing in the area, especially the national forest. Many hotels and cafes now cater mainly to this tourist trade.

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