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This study is a genealogical research guide to French Protestant refugee settlers in Ireland, c. 1660–1760. It reassesses Irish Huguenot settlements in the light of new findings and provides a background historical framework. A comprehensive select bibliography is included. While there is no formal listing of manuscript sources, many key documents are cited in the footnotes. This work covers only French Huguenots; other Protestant Stranger immigrant groups, such as German Palatines and the Swiss watchmakers of New Geneva, are not featured.


Vivien Costello (nee Le Clerc) is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin where she studied French and German. She has been engaged in researching Huguenot settlers in Ireland for over 20 years and is a Fellow of the Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland. She is chairman of the French Huguenot Fund, Dublin's oldest charity (founded in 1716), which still has Huguenot descendant annuitants and which owns Europe’s only surviving nonconformist Huguenot cemetery at Merrion Row, Dublin (established 1693). Vivien's publications include: Irish Huguenot Records in James G. Ryan (ed.) Irish Church Records (Flyleaf Press: Dublin, 1992 & 2001), and Researching Huguenot Officers in the British Army, 1688–1713, Genealogists' Magazine, Vol. 28, No. 8 (December 2005).



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