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Antwerp (Belgium)--Emigration and immigration


Donald J. Harreld earned his Bachelor of Arts in History and Psychology, his Master of Arts and PhD in Early Modern History, all at the University of Minnesota. He is currently an associate professor of history at Brigham Young University. He was a visiting research scholar at the Center for Urban and Cultural History at Universiteit Antwerpen in Antwerp, Belgium, as well as a visiting assistant professor with the Department of History at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. His research specialization is the social and economic history of early modern Europe. Dr. Harreld is the author of High Germans in the Low Countries: German Merchants and Commerce in Golden Age Antwerp (Leiden, 2004), and several articles on history of the Low Countries and Europe. Professor Harreld is currently writing a book on Dutch voyages of exploration of the early seventeenth century, and is working on a project that examines the social networks of early modern merchants.



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