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Mark I. Choate


Italy--Emigration and immigration


Mark I. Choate, Ph.D., is currently a faculty member of the BYU History Department. He began his undergraduate studies at the University of Oklahoma, and received his B.A. magna cum laude, M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. in history from Yale. Mark's dissertation on Italian colonialism and migration was awarded Yale's Hans Gatzke Prize for an outstanding dissertation in European history, and he is currently working on revising it into a book. A paper he presented in August 2001 at the International Conference of Historical Geographers in Quebec was awarded the Andrew Hill Clark Prize by the American Academy of Geographers, Historical Geography Specialty Group, for the best conference paper written at the doctoral level. Mark presented a paper at the AHAAnnual Meeting in January 2002, and will return to the AHA Meeting in 2003 to present a paper in the Italian Historical Society panel. He also has an article forthcoming in the journal Modern Italy Professor Choate teaches courses in the history of Europe since 1914, modem Italy, fascism, colonialism, migration, and world civilizations since 1500.



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