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A New Design for Low Voltage Microfluidic Pumps

Nathan Elmer Ives

A Simplified and Optimized Method for Cell-free Transcription and Translation

Prashanta Shrestha
Troy Holland
Bradley Charles Bundy

Animal Model of Intervertebral Disc Regeneration: Camelids

Dean K. Stolworthy
Tyler M. Merrell
Tyler J. Bleazzard
Anton E. Bowden

Dynamics of Wrist and Forearm Rotation in 3DOF

Allan Peaden

Effects of Wrist Orthoses on Wrist Dynamics

Daniel Seegmiller

Engineered Virus Nanoparticles for Tunable, Targetable Platforms

Mark T. Smith

Examination of failure properties of tendons reveals extreme resistance to propagation of tears in the presence of a notch defect

Peter Hyoung
Greg Von Forell
Anton E. Bowden

Increased Diffusion Sensitivity in Diffusion Weighted Imaging utilizing High-Powered Insert Gradient Coils

Peter Jepsen

Increased vertebral strain energy correlates with increased presence of Schmorl Nodes in multi-level lumbar disc degeneration

Todd G. Nelson
Gregory Von Forrel
Anton E. Bowden

Microchip Blood Filters

Sara Ehlert

Modeling, Fabrication, and Testing of a Multicellular Nanoinjection Lance Array

Zachary Lindstrom
Steven Brewer
Melanie Easter
Brian Jensen

Optimized Biocatalysts through Enzyme Immobilization

Jeffrey C. Wu
Mark T. Smith
Chris Werner
Garrison Fredline
Tyler Mayberry
Jamon Winegar
Bradley Charles Bundy

Segmentation of Left Atrial Intracardiac Ultrasound Images for Image Guided Cardiac Ablation Therapy

Trevor Stephens

Sodium Magnetic Resonance Relaxometry for Breast Cancer

Alexandra Marie Fredrick Wood

Spinal Ligament Pre-strain is Anisotropic and Regionally Dependent

Daniel Robertson
Jeremy Alsup
Anton E. Bowden

Validation of the Anisotropic Small Punch Test Using Finite Element Optimization

Benjamin Salazar
Daniel Robertson
Anton E. Bowden


Layne Hancock Salmond
Steven Knight Charles