Ellie Ostvig

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children, mental health, physical health, adverse childhood experiences, ACEs, undernutrition




Undernutrition in Guatemala is a serious issue that affects physical, mental, and social well-being. Children are most vulnerable to this dangerous condition, and in Guatemala, almost 50% of children experience inadequate growth and development due to a lack of appropriate nutrient intake. Because of food insecurity and lack of nutrients, young children do not have adequate access to the nutrition that they need. Guatemala is located in an area that makes it prone to natural disasters, which also contributes to the high rates of undernutrition. Undernourished children also experience intense disadvantages because of their weakened immune systems and cognitive underdevelopment. Unfortunately, these problems persist in generational cycles, which are difficult to break. Many governmental and non-governmental organizations are seeking to address this issue, and providing mothers with education about best postnatal nutritional practices-as well as better access to healthcare-has shown to be very effective as a current best practice.